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My Background

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 Yoga means union. The union between the supreme soul and the individual soul. Bliss means complete happiness or great joy. 

  I have found joy in life through Yoga! 

 I'm a Brazilian Yoga teacher and Guided Meditation Facilitator currently living on the Gold Coast, Australia.

  As a natural seeker, 17 years ago in Brazil I found myself at my first yoga class, back in a time when Yoga was not that popular, yet that session gave me a deep feeling of bliss. This is when Yoga became part of my life and a journey towards my soul’s purpose began.

 Passionate about nature, music, dance, arts, healing, and wellbeing in general, I have always found movement to be a way to commune with the divine.

 Trained on the style of Hatha Vinyasa, I simply love the combination of breathing and movement, which makes this style of Yoga like a dynamic meditation.

 It was 5 years ago in Gold Coast that I started  teaching Yoga and since then I have been entirely devoted to my growth and evolution through the continued study and practice of postures, relaxation, breathing, mantras and meditation.

 Living and traveling between Brazil, Australia, Indonesia and India, I have had the opportunity to learn from beautiful masters not just Yoga and Meditation, but therapies such as Reiki, Sound Therapy, Chakra Balance and others.

 The more I explore and learn, the more I can evolve and share. It is a true blessing and honour to share that journey with anyone who crosses my path.

A bit more of me...


“I love who I have been, but I really love who I am becoming.”


   I am Mariana and my journey with Yoga started in Brazil when I was around 22 years old, 17 years ago.

 Yoga was not very popular yet but very quickly I fell in love with the practice. The combination of postures, breathing techniques and the yoga philosophy was fascinating to me. After about 5 years of regular practice I decided to do my Yoga Teacher Training in 2009.

   With roughly 2 months to go I suffered an accident where I broke my spine and my wrist. I had surgery and bits of titanium were placed in my back. It was a tough time. I had to stop my plans. I had to stay in bed for about 6 months until I was fully recovered. I remember when the doctor told me that my bones were very strong due to my devotion to Yoga and that was the reason something worse had not happened to me! Wow! At that moment I loved Yoga even more and the idea of not being able to get better and continue my path was frightening me very much. And so I developed a faith and strength that I could not even imagine I had. I always liked Meditation and Healing therapies and I started meditating every single day, doing my prayers in silence repeating my affirmations and  using the power of visualization.

   After 10 months I was healed and could get back to my activities! I finished the Teacher Training and I developed so much courage to go for my dreams during this time that in 2011 I decided to move to Australia for a new beginning.

In Australia I did my second Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 and I became a Yoga Instructor in 2016.

  Since then I have had the opportunity to travel to a few countries and I have learned from beautiful masters, from Yoga to meditation, to healing therapies.  It has been an amazing journey of learning and sharing. For me, knowledge is endless, and I feel like an eternal seeker.

   I feel grateful and honoured for being in this path.





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